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when you look at me do you see someone with a future?

music to my ears it makes me happy when you tell me.

AU!Light Yagami
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//trying to strike the right lyrical density.

REPRISE: n to repeat in whole or in part material which has already been used; to return, as in to a theatrical role.
PRISM: n a transparent piece of glass which refracts light.

wa ga kofi fa
munasiki sora ni
yuku kata mo nasi

//everyone loves a man who lets the hardest people build him up and cut him down to lovable size.

· NAME: Light Yagami (AU) BUT here's an important note to any people who play characters with the shinigami eyes: To a shinigami-eye holder, Light's last name will show up as Asahi, not Yagami.
· AGE: 19
· APPEARANCE: 5'10'', about 140 pounds -- a bit heavier than a canon Light because he has a bit more muscle mass on him. You know what he looks like in terms of facial features. Brown eyes, brown hair which is a bit shorter than a canon Light's. His wardrobe ranges from casual-but-stylish to old, plain, and just-for-comfort. He wears a simple hemp choker with a spider conch hanging from it. There are numerous burn scars on his arms, and also several cut scars on the palm of his right hand.

//listen, i've come to rock this boat. the take and the giving leaves no room for the living.

· PERSONALITY: The truth of the matter is, Light Yagami hates the world, and he hates the people in it. This is something which he has come to realize and accept over the course of time. He hates the pettiness, and the greed, and the selfishness, and the dishonesty, and the imperfection -- and it is his very hatred of the world which makes him strive to better it and to be a good person, because part of what he hates is the hypocrisy. And so he cannot be a hypocrite himself -- and if he hates selfishness and cruelty, then wouldn't it make him a hypocrite to be selfish or cruel?

So he is giving, and thoughtful, and noble, and honest, to avoid self-hatred. The problem is that this (possibly warped) desire to do good and to be a good person is frequently masked beneath the hatred. Light used to mask his cynicism and his distaste beneath an unerring facade of politeness and sweetness -- but over time he realized (or rather, decided) that this was a dishonesty, and he couldn't stomach that. Therefore, he can be blunter now, with a sharper side to his tongue sometimes. He doesn't utilize this maliciously, mind -- just honestly. Always honestly. It's easy to misread him, though, easy to assume that he's cold and uncaring.

But Light is not someone who has ever suffered from not caring enough -- it's more the opposite. Caring too much has forged him into somebody who is steely and unemotional, because if he gets emotional he gets too emotional, and he can't waste time feeling horrible over things if he wants to fix them.

Caring too much has forged him into somebody who is angry. Into someone who hates the world. Into someone who yearns to change the world, but who can't find a way to do it, and who is therefore constantly teetering on the brink of bitterness, disillusionment and self-hatred. Too many years walking along that precarious tightrope which is optimism have left Light eternally close to giving up -- but he's too far in now to ever really give up or turn back.

Light is a driven person, an intense person, an obsessive person -- a perfectionist and a control freak (although this natural tendency has eased a fair bit over time). It has to be right with him. And he has no time for softness or relaxation or fun(*). He also has a healthy ego -- the concept of failure is not one which he accepts. He doesn't give up. If he has decided to do something, if he has decided to succeed at something, then he will keep on trying. Even if he fails, he won't accept it. Also, everything is his responsibility, and he trusts nobody but himself to do it right. Actually, he trusts nobody but himself, period (*Scratch that, he got his head out of his ass). The (still-present) mixture of conceit and stubbornness can certainly be a grating one.

However, Light is not entirely hard edges. He is still capable of tact and charm, when he wants -- it's just no longer as instinctual as it used to be. He is also a proactive person, a hard-working person, a responsible person -- he's reliable, and he does have a strong personal code and he'll be damned if he breaks it. He has a lust for knowledge and in his spare time devours books voraciously; he loves music, both listening to it and playing it; he keeps house and does so very well, cooking and cleaning and making clothes all falling under his areas of competence.

And then, even deeper than the capability for charm and tact there lies a greater softness: it's usually suppressed, strangled and infrequently shown, but Light does have a sense of genuine empathy and a capability for real kindness and even love. With him, of course, moments of tenderness or vulnerability are few and far between -- moments where he'll admit that he cares on a personal level, on an emotional level rather than a level of ideologies and theories and intellectual causes. But every now and again, the walls fall just a little bit.

//everyone has a secret, so bite your mother tongue and let the truth bleed over you.

· HISTORY: Generally Light's past isn't a subject which is up for discussion. Family? He's estranged from them. No, he doesn't come from around these parts, born in Tokyo, moved when he was ten. He's a college student, yes. Second year. Political science and philosophy double-major. He plays bass in a band. Now, let's talk about you for a while...

That's generally how it goes. Light generally doesn't tell people about his past. He doesn't see why they should need to know.

//maybe i'm a good man, wait and let it happen - i believe in love, i'm married to my work.

· ABILITIES: Light is a highly talented bass-player, capable of very showy (even virtuosic) solos. He has a fine singing voice, too -- nothing breathtaking, but pretty enough. He writes songs, both music and lyrics. He can cook and make clothes, both decently if not outstandingly. He can play the harmonica. He can braid hair. He studies has spent years studying martial arts, and is also a good shot. He can fold paper very, very neatly and is good at making origami, one of his most favoured hobbies after reading and crossword puzzles. He's good at puzzles and wordgames in general. He has a solid grasp of programming and software. He's an excellent mimic.

Oh, and he's a genius.

//because listen, kid, everybody knows you can fit good company up your nose.

· RELATIONSHIPS: Mansion residents-

coordinated_n: Blind Near. Light's protectiveness for/kindness towards the Near from his world seems to carry over to this one. Pretty much a little-brother figure. Also his ex-roommate.
commeo: Another Mello, who is determined to be his friend. Some mutual (but not particularly serious...? maybe definitely serious, but destined to go no farther) flirting. And his viciousness astounds/frightens/curries the disapproval of Light sometimes. All in all, though, not on bad terms.
emo_raito: The only other Light he has interacted with extensively at the mansion. Other-Light rather boggles Light's mind, firstly because he's in a relationship with Mello (what?!) and secondly because he apparently tried to commit suicide once (what).

Characters from Light's world-

Kiyomi Takada (open): Communications major at UCLA, helps manage the campus radio and does a segment right after Light's. They are friends.
Misa Amane (open): Photographer, president of the Valid Enigma fanclub. Kind of enamoured with Light.
Teru Mikami (open): Roadie/bass tech, law student, very, uh, devoted to Light.
B (mr_b_flat): The band's stalker - or, more accurately, L's. Light generally tries to avoid him.
L Lawliet (isalright): Valid Enigma's singer. Light's songwriting partner. Best friend. Arguably the person who is the most important to him. Current roommate. Mutually ambiguous, which doesn't explain much, but - it's complicated. EXCLUSIVE, OFFICIAL, LESS-DISPOSABLE-SOUNDING-THAN-FRIENDS-WITH-BENEFITS, etc.
Matt (drummerboym): Matt is the drummer for Valid Enigma, and Light honestly isn't that close with him. He even finds himself annoyed by Matt, rather frequently at that.
Mello (yourfinaldeeds): The Mello from his world. For several years, it went like this: Light would be very, very happy for him to disappear forever, and there was more mutual hate going on between them than can be summed up in words. But, er, apparently their relationship is gaining some kind of weird new layer of depth/complexity lately. Not quite friendship, but given everything which has happened and which he has learned, Light can't help but care about Mello.
Natalia River (mylittleenigma): More commonly known as Near. She's Valid Enigma's guitarist, and so sue him, Light has a soft spot for her a mile wide. Even if she frustrates the hell out of him, what with her drug habit and all.
Touta Matsuda (open): Police officer who worked with Soichiro in Providence.
Halle Lidner (open): Valid Enigma's manager.

//but hey, this is the future, and we don't grow up like that. oh we grow teeth, and we grow nails, and we scratch to the bottom of meaning.

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